Cyberpunk Reading List

Because Cypherpunks like Cyberpunk …

1982Rudy RuckerSoftwareAmazonWikipedia
1984William GibsonNeuromancerAmazonWikipedia
1986William Gibson Count ZeroAmazonWikipedia
1988Richard KadreyMetrophageAmazonWikipedia
1988Rudy Rucker WetwareAmazonWikipedia
1989William GibsonMona Lisa OverdriveAmazonWikipedia
1992Neal StephensonSnow CrashAmazonWikipedia
1997Rudy RuckerFreewareAmazonWikipedia
2000Rudy RuckerRealwareAmazonWikipedia
2003Max BarryJennifer GovernmentAmazonWikipedia
2009Paolo BacigalupiThe Windup GirlAmazonWikipedia

Last Update: 26.02.2019 (+ Metrophage)

Share more book ideas in the comments below.

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